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 URPB-United Role Players of Blockland

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PostSubject: URPB-United Role Players of Blockland   URPB-United Role Players of Blockland EmptySat Apr 25, 2009 3:45 am


We are one of Blockland's first RPG Guilds! We do RPGs... How much more explaining is needed?


We were at ::Spaceman::'s server Pounding down Noobs with Daggers & Wagons, (Yes, Wagons)When all of the sudden, We decided to make a Clan! This Topic was created and Wizard was Very Happy URPB-United Role Players of Blockland Icon_biggrin But.. Then Sgt.Pepper hasn't shown up in a while.. Sgt. Pepper, If you are out there somewhere, Please come to our servers! We saw Stg. Pepper, please post Stg, and get RTB.


Server Hosters:
Wizard- Yay, my servers work now.

Wood Elf's : Wood Elf's are very common in the land of Anamia, They are good Archers and have very good Agility.

Argonian's : They are all evil and suck hairy monkey balls. URPB-United Role Players of Blockland Icon_smile

Human's : The Human's are very new in this world, Have a promising future, And are very good Blacksmith's.

Dark Elf's : Dark Elf's are pretty much Wood Elf's, Except for the more Evil, Red eyes And High Skill in Sword's and Knife's.

Orc's : The brute legion of the Orc's, Collect much wood and build new fort's, All around. Very nice Axe Skill's they have.

Sukul's : Human-like Cat's, The Sukuls are gifted the power of Night Vision, And are very good at Stealing & Sneaking.

Zurk's : The Zurk's are very ancient Creatures, They are not as intelligent as an average human., Frog-Like they are. A strange property of their voice, along with the fact that they practice often, makes then good at Speech And Bribing.

Vrak'Nar: They are very heavily built creatures, with tails and large claws, look slightly like bears because of their thick white fur, but with blue markings on their back and more reptile-like features. They live in very cold climates, and are have many temples and monuments to their god.

Gnomes : Short, but very intelligent.

Dwarf's : These Dwarf's are very Cold Resistant, And have an surprisingly high Skill at Hammer's & Mace's.

Zombies Zombies are various races turned by a plague. They have various strengths.

Elf King: Wizard (Wood Elves)
Human Lord: Stg. Pepper (Humans)
Sukul Chief: The Crazy Farmer
Gnome Seer:
Nobles: Darkangel (Wood Elf), ::spaceman:: (Humans), Olly Krilly (Dark Elf)
Wood Elves: Wizard, Darkangel
Humans: Stg. Pepper, ::spaceman::
Sukuls: The Crazy Farmer, Bushner
Dark Elves: Olly Krilly, Drasmatic
Orcs: None
Zurk: None
Gnomes: Spock
Dwarfs: None
Zombies: Radamein
Vrak'Nar Snowstar
Undecided: Diran, Sparta Ruler

Status of Kingdoms:
Only 2 Have Been Made So.. There's Only Status Of 2 Of Them.

Human's : Alot of Tourist's, Fine money Supply, defeated the argonians.

Argonian's :Defeated, turned out to be ambassadors of evil.

Diary Of Anamia:
2009 - 23 March - Monday

Added Diran to members list! Welcome!

Finishing the ''First URPB Rp.''


Twix - Reason : Coming to our Server and Painting, Spamming, Cursing and Simply being Idiotic.

Krypton - Reason: Being a faggot

Union of Blockland

Wait, if this is an RPG Guild, how do I apply?
Ok, you do an app. If you help A LOT on the server there`s a chance you won`t need an app. The app should show: Are you good at: Building, Eventing, Landscaping. It doesn't have to be an RP(G) although that would help.
Post it on the Retail Forums topic [url=""]Here or load it on a server.

Thing's I should know before Joining?

I'm doing applications.

Choose a race immediately when you join our Servers. Unless it's a made-for-fun server..

Krypton is a faggot and a faker, if he claims to be in URPB or that URPB is dead, ban him, he's lying.

Have fun! Unless if you don't want to D: *Cry*

Yes, we have friends! URPB-United Role Players of Blockland Icon_surprised So guess what, they'll get admin or super admin on all my servers. Don't worry, I wont let them ban you. Some of them are even in URPB.

I may have forgotten some names, please alert me if so. I have a horrible memory.

This clan was made by Wizardwizard456.
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URPB-United Role Players of Blockland Empty
PostSubject: Re: URPB-United Role Players of Blockland   URPB-United Role Players of Blockland EmptySat Apr 25, 2009 8:13 am

If you decide to actually exist on the forum, maybe.
Otherwise you're just a *** who posts an ad, then leaves.
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URPB-United Role Players of Blockland
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